Here’s A Cheap Outdoor Basketball Court Flooring Solution

Here’s A Cheap Outdoor Basketball Court Flooring Solution

Elite X cheap outdoor basketball court flooring by ZSFloor is the cheaper and best version of basketball court flooring because it is an advanced version of Elastic Pro. Elite X flooring has been quite famous for some time because of its advanced features and sun texture. Elite X undergoes a lot of processing before it is presented to you. You can find multiple varieties in colors and patterns while choosing the one for your court. In this article, you are going to understand everything about Elite X Flooring, and this way, you can decide on the Elite X flooring you want for your place.

Different Types of Product Colors & Patterns

There are many product colors and patterns in Elite X Flooring. Lemon Yellow, Orange, Cherry Red, Garnet, Sky Blue, Sapphire Blue, Trinidad Blue, Forest Green, Purple, White, Wind Grey, Graphite Grey, and Knight Black are the different types of colors that are used in these tiles. You can choose any color according to your style and comfort.

The Elite X floor tiles have eight elastic sheets and a lateral post. This pattern is followed by every Elite X flooring irrespective of their colors. The multiple color options and this pattern is followed everywhere. This pattern gives strength to the surface and also ensures a perfect fitting of the tiles. These tiles fit together nicely and don’t come up even if pulled upside.

Features Of Elite X Flooring

1. Thermal Expansion System

A thermal expansion system helps these tiles prevent bulging. When the material is treated with high heat, there are chances of bulging. Elite X tiles are treated well with heat and don’t let the heat cause bulge by fully expanding the tiles first and then designing them to remove them.

2. Cold Shrinkage System

When the temperature is reduced, sudden cracks can come on the tile's surface that can cause reduced strength, but with the cold shrinkage system, this fault is easily removed. Even after the reduction of temperature in the court, these tiles will work perfectly without much care.

3. Texture Surface Treatment

Texture surface treatment is given to improve the anti-slip quality. The texture if too shiny can cause accidents while playing, whereas if you use these tiles, there is no reflection or glare to interfere with the vision. Elite X flooring’s sun texture is famous for this feature.

4. Flexible Connection System

A flexible connection system prevents the bulging and cracking of tiles because it helps in connecting them easily with each other. Therefore, no temperature change or wind can affect their pattern even if these tiles are left without care.

5. Safety System

Elite X flooring tiles have a safety system that prevents these tiles from theft, slipping, and wind. These tiles stick to the floor perfectly and this makes it tough to pull them upside. The system is perfect if the ground is open and doesn’t have any security.

6. Buffering System

Buffering system is quite popular because it absorbs the shocks and removes the need for rubber mats below them. This system also has noise absorption along with shock absorbing technology. It helps athletes to play a smooth sport without losing focus from the crowd.


Elite X flooring is the answer to your needs if you desire a court that is known for its strength and other wonderful features. These features together make this flooring the best for every basketball court. have the most brilliant Elite X flooring to ensure you a great experience. They upgrade their products and use advanced technology to make the perfect products for you.